Top Quality Treatment

  • Experienced and caring physicians
  • Dedicated nurse navigator
  • Dedicated cancer genetics service coordinator
  • Patient Advocacy Programs
  • Referral network for innovative radiotherapy treatments, PET-CT and Bone Scans
  • Complete on-site diagnostic laboratory in Lifecare Diagnostics Centre on Level 1
  • Highly individualized medical oncology treatment programs and cancer genomics service with the customized use of chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy
  • Modern state-of-the-art CDR that is certified by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency

Top Quality Treatment

  • Cancer Genetics Counseling by certified genetic counselors and state-of-the-art Genetic Testing to identify individuals and families at high risk of developing hereditary cancers
  • Psychosocial Oncology Program, including educational sessions, cancer support group, counseling, emotional support, mindfulness meditation, nutrition, physiotherapy and grooming
  • Modern diagnostic imaging Centre with accredited MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Bone Density and Cardiac Studies in Lifecare Diagnostics Centre on Level 1.
  • In-house referral for surgical services, endoscopic services, other medical services (cardiology, nephrology, internal medicine, surgery, gynecology), breast care services, and allied health services (physiotherapy, nutrition)

Welcome to Onco Life Centre

At Onco Life Centre, our primary goal is to bring healing and cure to every patient diagnosed with cancer. We know that many cases of advanced stage cancers cannot be cured, and as such, one of our key goals is to render cancer a chronic disease and enable our patients to live fruitful and meaningful lives.

Our Kuala Lumpur facility provides state-of-the-art oncology treatment, personalized medicine and caring attention to the mind, body and soul of every patient. With this fusion of medicine and human touch, we are able to provide our patients with the best possible healing and cancer treatment outcomes.

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Personalized Oncology. Healing of Body, Mind and Soul.

Our patients treatment journey and comfort are of utmost importance to our physicians, nurses, technicians, psychosocial experts, genetic counselors and support staff at Onco Life Centre. Our Centre is able to provide the treatment facilities offered by a major private hospital in one convenient location and in an environment that features a comfortable daycare treatment room, infused with earthy colors and natural light. We are determined to provide unparalleled care, maintaining high-quality treatment, personalized oncology and dedicated psychosocial support whilst providing healing and sustenance to the whole patient, in a healing and caring environment.

Our Services

At Onco Life Centre, our diagnostic and treatment services will help us achieve our combined goals of disease control and overall patient wellness.

Gynae Oncology

Gynae Oncology | Oncology, Cancer Screening, Chemotherapy |Cancer Treatment Malaysia | Onco Life Center


Medical oncology

Personalized medicine. dedicated nurse navigator service | Oncology, Cancer Screening, Chemotherapy |Cancer Treatment Malaysia…



New era in our global war against cancer: groundbreaking treatment modality represents a paradigm shift in our fight against…


Cancer genomics and targeted therapies

Better identify the biology of a tumor by pathology developments. Individualize or personalize the treatment regimen for…


Hormonal therapy

Hormone sensitive cancers | Oncology, Cancer Screening, Chemotherapy |Cancer Treatment Malaysia | Onco Life Center


Adjunct cancer support services

Our referral network for innovative radiotherapy. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, surgery | Onco Life…


Psychosocial oncology program

Educational sessions, Support Group, Counseling, Emotional Support, Mindfulness Meditation, Nutritional Counseling, Physiotherapy…


Cancer Genetics Counseling and Testing

CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified clinical diagnostic laboratories - using next-generation sequencing technology (NGS).…


Our Major Strengths:

Our Oncologists are key opinion leaders in their field

Caring staff, ready to see that your needs are fulfilled

Our experienced consultant oncologists

We have the best.




Completed cancer therapies
Satisfied patients and families
Longest advance stage cancer survivor

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