Medical oncology

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There have been dramatic developments in the field of medical oncology in the last decade.

Our first goal is always aimed towards a cure. With major advances in drug development, we are able to turn even incurable cancer into a chronic disease, with prolonged remissions and fewer side effects. Our use of chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy is always aimed towards maximizing results and minimizing side effects.

Increasingly, people with cancer are surviving their disease, and many cancer survivors desire to have children. Cancer treatment can affect the reproductive systems of both men and women, making conception difficult. However, new treatment options have made it possible for many cancer survivors to conceive. We have a fertility preservation referral network which is focused on quickly providing you with the information you need to make decisions about your fertility preservation options prior to cancer treatment.

Our daycare has large windows and comfortable recliners, which contribute to a positive outlook during a patient’s chemotherapy.

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