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You have to fight and be strong. Allow us to empower you and help you understand early what your body is going through.

Our Breast Care Centre is creatively built & customized to treat every breast care patient with personalized attention, the best diagnostic assessments as well as the latest treatment options, and followup care to maximize your life journey through cancer.

La Bella Donna Resource Centre was created to meet the personal needs of patients who have had breast surgery as well as those on chemotherapy who are dealing with hair loss. This private bra and hair fitting room provides a safe environment for you to meet our onsite mastectomy bra and prosthesis fitters, as well as our wig specialists. Our wig specialists will advise and help you select your custom-made wig and style it according to your personal preference so that you can look and feel confident in your daily life.


Breast clinic

At Onco Life Centre, our team of medical experts has setup a multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment Program to ensure that you receive the latest therapies and in the least-invasive way possible. Our Breast Clinic is an integral part of this specialized program and offers the latest in breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and management of benign and malignant breast lumps in men and women.

Our approach to breast cancer is more than just treatment. Our trained support team of a dedicated breast care navigator, nurses, therapists, and dieticians will help make sure you receive personalized and coordinated breast cancer care. Our Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment Program provides genetic counseling and risk assessment for high-risk patients and women with a family history of breast cancer. Our holistic program can address medical issues related to female fertility preservation, lymphedema prevention and management, rehabilitation, as well as pain management.

At Onco Life Centre, we strive to treat each breast cancer patient with customized attention, the best diagnosis and treatment options, and follow-up care to maximize your life after cancer.


Breast cancer treatment

More women are diagnosed with breast cancer than any other cancer. Since 1990’s, the number of women who have died of breast cancer has steadily decreased thanks to early detection and treatment improvements. Even if the cancer is found at an advanced stage, new treatments can help many people with breast cancer maintain a good quality of life with good disease control. Read more


Specialized services


Cancer genetics service

Our Cancer Genetics Service is established to meet the needs of individuals with a family history of breast cancer or who are at high risk of developing hereditary cancer syndromes due to inherited gene mutations.

All cancers are caused by changes to critical molecular structures in the body called genes. These changes are known as mutations, and they may be caused randomly, by outside influences such as pollution, smoking or sun exposure, or because they were inherited through the family line. Not everyone who is born with a gene mutation will develop cancer. Inherited gene mutations may be passed from either parent and may increase the cancer risk in both women and men.

We can help you set up an appointment with our genetic counselor if you have specific issues to be addressed.

High risk screening

Individuals at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer due to inherited genetic mutations may participate in our high risk program to receive state-of-the-art screening and diagnostic services, early or preventative treatment and surveillance.

Consultation on female fertility preservation

As cancer treatment paradigms improve, many young women are surviving breast cancer and desire to have children. Cancer treatment can affect the reproductive systems of both men and women, making conception difficult. It is important to identify your risk of infertility before treatment starts and take steps towards preserving your fertility. Many new fertility treatment options have made it possible for many cancer survivors to conceive. We can help you set up an appointment with a member of our collaborating fertility preservation team to address your fertility concerns and questions.

Lymphedema prevention and management

Onco Life Centre Lymphedema Service is part of our multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment Program. The Lymphedema Service aims to ensure that every person with lymphedema receives an accurate diagnosis, high quality education, and optimum level of care.

Lymphedema is an abnormal build-up of protein rich fluid that results in swelling, typically in an arm or leg. It is caused by a malfunction or malformation of the lymphatic system. Early intervention in the acute stage can produce dramatic changes and reduce physical and pyscho-social problems. Our oncology rehabilitation therapists are available to work with you to help you prevent or reduce lymphedema by using drainage techniques, compression therapy, decongestion exercises and massages. Training in self massaging, bandaging and exercises will be taught as part of your home management plan to ensure continuous therapy and long term treatment success.

Oncology rehabilitation

Breast cancer and its treatment may affect your physical functioning and energy. Our rehabilitation therapists will work to maximize your physical abilities and comfort levels, lessen physical pain so as to ensure the quickest, most effective recovery for you. Therapeutic exercises may be used to promote bone density, build strength and energy so you can continue to participate in activities that are important to you. Exercises can also help you manage treatment-related fatigue, especially during radiation treatments. Our rehabilitation therapists can help you understand the physical and psychological benefits of physical restoration. They will prescribe individualized exercise programs to help prepare you and your family for continuing the program at home.

Our rehabilitation team plays a holistic role in pain management. They will assess your main functional restrictions, the type and impact of your pain, and identify the main goals of pain management. Our therapists will use a variety of interventions including therapeutic exercises, postural re-education, massage and soft tissue mobilisation, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, heat or cold therapy and relaxation techniques.


Breast cancer diagnostic evaluation

A thorough and accurate cancer diagnosis is the first step in developing a breast cancer treatment plan. Our integrated team of experts will use advanced diagnostic tests and tools to evaluate the disease, and plan your individualized treatment. Throughout your treatment, we will use imaging and laboratory tests to track the size of the tumors, monitor your response to treatment, and modify your plan when needed.

A thorough breast cancer diagnostic evaluation process includes the use of laboratory tests, biopsy, ultrasound, mammography, MRI scans, PET-CT scans, bone scans, tumor molecular profiling, genomic tumor assessment.

A Mammotome’s breast biopsy device is a minimally invasive diagnostic tool used by our surgeon to make a highly accurate breast cancer diagnosis without the need for open breast biopsy surgery. Through the use of digital imaging, small breast abnormalities can be clearly identified and mapped and tissues sampled through a small incision under local anesthetics.


La bella donna resource centre

La Bella Donna Resource Centre is a component of our Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Treatment Program at Onco Life Centre.

At La Bella Donna Resource Centre, our team of breast care navigator, therapists and support team will provide you with compassionate support, education and resources. Our private bra and hair fitting room provides a safe environment for you to meet our onsite mastectomy bra and prosthesis fitters, as well as our wig specialists. Our wig specialists will style your custom-made wig according to your taste so that you can look and feel confident every day.

A broad selection of mastectomy bras and undergarments as well as an assortment of head covers in available for you. La Bella Donna Breast Centre organizes regular workshops that feature skin care, mineral makeup application and hair styling.

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